Mr. & Mrs. Tanner

When I was growing up, we had an elderly couple as neighbors; Mr. and Mrs. Tanner.  The Tanners were a sweet couple that liked to stay to themselves.  Every Halloween, they made me and my sister a special trick-or-treat bag just for us.  They set it apart from their general trick-or-treat bowl of candy and placed it on a table under their pendulum clock.  Our bags always had great candies and somewhere in the bag, there was always a dollar or two.

Over the past year, the two kids next door have started calling me “Miss Kisha” and always stop to talk to me when I come out to walk Matilda.  Their mom is expecting her fourth child and was supposed to give birth yesterday.  When I heard about her due date a month ago, I started thinking about doing special Halloween bags for the kids just in case they can’t go trick-or-treating this year.  It made me remember the Tanners and how special they made me feel with that bag of candy.  I decided to pay it forward.  I ran out today and bought special bags, candy, and a couple of cool pez dispensers.  I hope these bags make the neighbor kids feel like the Tanners made me feel.


Epilogue: The kids came over around 8:00 after they had gathered their haul for the night. He was a Ninja Turtle and she was a Disney princess, I think it was Cinderella, but I can’t remember. Their buckets were close to overflowing and they both looked like they were fighting hard not to be tired. When I pulled the bags from behind my back they both reached out to select a piece of candy. The shocked looked on their faces when I handed them the bags and said, “This one is for you and this is for you”, was completely worth the effort.

I felt a little bad when I looked toward the bottom of the steps and saw the youngest child. She, too was fighting sleep in her stroller. I didn’t think she would be collecting candy, so I didn’t have anything for her. Her parents said she had way more than she was going to be allowed to eat, and I felt a little better. She’s 19 months old so I hope she doesn’t remember that she got left out.

Their mom still hasn’t gone into labor yet.


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