Jeb Can Fix It?

I would hate to be Jeb Bush right about now. After a less than lackluster performance in the October 28th debate, his campaign that was already struggling to tread water, was put on life support.  After this week’s debate, I think the breathing tube has been removed, but his campaign is still in the ICU.

Jeb was supposed to be the clear front runner in this race, but he’s getting trumped by…well, Trump and a neurosurgeon so crazy, he shall not be named.  What happened, Jeb?  How did you let this thing get so wildly out of control?

What must it be like to be the only man in your immediate family who wanted to be president but just couldn’t cut it?  Just think of what family gatherings will be like for him if he loses.  All of the Bushes, sitting around a fire, when Bush 41 starts to reminisce.

Bush 41: Ma, that cake you made was almost as good as that chocolate cake that they used to make in the White House.  Remember that, Ma?

Barbra: Oh, yes!  It was incredibly moist and delicious.

Bush 43:  We much preferred the apple pie.  Didn’t we Laura?

Laura:  Yes indeed!

Jeb: *blank stare*

Bush 41: But the best meal I ever had was at that State dinner when we hosted…uh, nevermind.  Jeb, what kind of dessert did they give you in the governor’s mansion?

Jeb: *blank stare*

It really must suck to be a governor in a family full of presidents.

Can Jeb fix this?  I don’t know, but I know enough about politics to know that if he can just keep his head above water for the next few months, anything is possible.

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