Sunday Dinner

I’m making Sunday Dinner. I understand that any dinner you have on Sunday is technically Sunday dinner, but this is the southern, capitalized “Sunday Dinner”. If there was such a thing as a Southern dictionary, Sunday Dinner would have to be defined as a meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening that takes all day to prepare. It would have to have either turkey, ham, pot roast, or a roasted chicken. You also need mac & cheese, collard greens, mashed potatoes, gravy made from scratch, some homemade biscuits or rolls, and of course some sort of dessert that’s also made from scratch.

I’m going to roast a turkey breast. For me, the best part of turkey is the gravy, but I don’t consistently get enough drippings when I roast a turkey breast to make gravy. I found a recipe online for “make ahead gravy” that you make by roasting a couple turkey wings and then making stock with it. I’m giving that a try today.

I’m also making some collards. I don’t want a lot of starch today, so instead of the mashed potatoes and mac & cheese, I’m just going to have some wild rice.

The Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pies are already in the oven.

My house smells wonderful. I can’t wait for dinner.