Why was Prince so damn sexy?!

How is it that a man who was purportedly 5’3” tall, wore eyeliner, had a bird chest and a narrow ass, and sang mostly in falsetto was one of the sexiest men on the planet? I mean, think about it. If a dude walked up to me who was barely my height, IN HEELS, and was wearing some crazy looking outfit consisting of tight bellbottoms and an open blouse, and his hair was laid better than mine, I would be laughing before he could get out, “Hi. How are you?” He would’ve been totally dissed. But if he caught me on a day that I was trying to be nice and secure my place in heaven, maybe I would’ve overlooked the eyeliner and earrings and given dude a chance. Naw! Who am I kidding? There is no way in hell that I would’ve ever given that dude the time of day. But if that dude were Prince, I would’ve been tripping over myself to talk to him and would’ve been completely tongue tied if he had even looked my way. That makes no damn sense on the surface and it makes me wonder what made Prince so damn sexy?

My reasonable and logical mind says there is nothing sexy about this guy.

And this look sho ain’t sexy. Would you have gone out with this guy if he wasn’t Prince?

Ain’t no way that I would’ve ever been caught with this guy if he wasn’t Prince.

There is certainly something sexy here, but what the hell is it?!

I was always drawn to his eyes. If you looked past the eyeliner and really looked into his eyes, his playful yet intense soul seemed to lure you in with a force more powerful that the gravitational pull. While that was quite attractive, it certainly wasn’t enough on its own to qualify as sexy. 

I was definitely moved by his music, but that didn’t make him sexy either, although I am rather attracted to a talented man. Give me a man that knows what he’s doing and excels at it…..lawdhavemercy!

But I digress.

I think, for me, it really boiled down to his extreme level of confidence that made him sexy in a way that no other man will ever be able to replicate. His confidence was in his high heeled strut, in the cut of his eye, in flick of his wrist. It was inextricably woven through every pop-soul-jazz-funk-blues concoction that he ever released. It was there in his quiet and soft, yet deep speaking voice that commanded you to lean in and pay attention.

Yep, it was his confidence that did it for me.  And those eyes.

Damn you, 2016


It feels like this whole year has been one of mourning.  It started with Natalie Cole and I’m hoping it has ended with Debbie Reynolds, and in between we lost our country to a man who has no idea what the hell he is doing and couldn’t care less about non-white and/or poor people.

In a year full of notable losses, there are a few that are very important to me.



I am one who loves Michael Jackson and Prince on the same level.  I was late to the Prince fandom.  Of course I loved many of the songs on “Purple Rain”, but it wasn’t until “Diamonds and Pearls” that I could truly appreciate his artistry.  I’ve been to as many MJ shows as I have Prince concerts.  But when MJ died, I was shocked but somehow not surprised.  When the news of Prince’s passing hit, I felt like I had been punched in the gut.  I never thought that I would truly mourn the passing of a celebrity, but I found myself inexplicably saddened by the loss.  He isn’t as much a part of the soundtrack of my life like MJ, but for some reason this was much more of a loss.  This wasn’t expected.  For God’s sake, he was vegan!  This wasn’t supposed to happen!  As I listened to damn near his whole discography the night after he died, I realized how much I related to him and just how much I depended on his music to get me through some rough times.  He was more a part of my world that I realized and the idea that he is gone still makes me sad.

Carrie Fisher

leia-badassCarrie Fisher as Princess Leia. (Photo from Legion of Leia)

Princess Leia was the first badass woman I ever saw on screen. ( I would be introduced to Pam Grier and all of her badass characters much later in life.)  She stood up to Darth Vader and took control of her botched rescue.  She carried a gun and wasn’t afraid to use it.  Most importantly, she didn’t fall starry-eyed and helplessly in love with the “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy looking, nerf herder”.  She made him earn it.

During my childhood and most of my adult life, she was the only woman in my favorite sci-fi universe.

Carrie Fisher wasn’t afraid to speak her truth and she truly didn’t give a fuck if you liked her or not.  I will miss her unabashed honesty.

The Obamas and Bidens

obamas-and-bidensPhoto by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Thank you LordBabyJesus, the Obamas and Bidens are still with us, but we are losing them as daily reminders of all that is good and possible.  I will miss the glimpses into Barack and Michelle’s love affair.  For that matter, I’ll also miss the glimpses into Barack and Joe’s bromance.  These four people corrected the course of our trajectory.  Now we’re faced with an idiot who will send us into a downward spiral, 140 characters at a time.

Damn you, 2016.  You’ve taken so many things that you had no right to take, and given us at least one thing that the majority of us couldn’t even imagine.   I’m gonna need you to sit your ass down for the next 12 hours and go out silently.  And while you’re at it, Ima need you and your cousin 2017 to keep your hands off of Betty White, Pam Grier, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Stevie Wonder.  Thank  you very much!

While I am still existing in cloud of pissedivity because of all the losses we experienced this year, I am very hopeful that 2017 will bring us much light.  I hope that Prince’s family will release new music from The Vault.  I hope that the Star Wars universe continues to give us badass women.  I hope Democrats find a way to protect Obamacare and block the nomination of horrible judges.  I hope Barack and Michelle shine even brighter out of the White House than they did while they were there.  And as always, I’m hopeful that this will be the year that I will find someone that looks at me the way he looks at Michelle.


White House photo/Pete Souza

This post was in response to today’s blog prompt “Hopeful“.

My Bucket List

I chatted with my friend, Beth, this morning and she asked me what was next on my bucket list. I told her about the trips that I’m trying to pull off over the next couple of years, but it made me think about the non-travel items on my list. I haven’t actually read my list in quite awhile and I’m glad I took a moment to do so this morning. A couple of things on the list are now impossible because of death or non-existence, but a few of them just aren’t that important to me anymore. It’s time to update the list, but here’s how it stands at the moment.

Personal Life

Fulfill my life’s purpose.

Fall in love.

Stay in love

Be a wife. (Maybe…)

Be a mom. (Probably not at this point.  We’ll see.)

Raise happy and successful children with my husband. (This assumes a lot.  I was so hopeful when I originally wrote this list.  Lol!)

Adopt a child. (At this point, it would have to be an older child.  I don’t have the energy for a little person.)

Adopt a dog.



Pay off my student loans. (A Sisyphean task, indeed.)

Earn at least $100k in a year.

Contribute annually to ARF (Animal Resource Foundation – That’s where I adopted Matilda.), LDF (NAACP Legal Defense Fund), UB (University of Baltimore School of Law), and LFA (Lupus Foundation of America).

Become financially stable.

Have $50k in the bank. (Woowee!  This is a lofty goal for me.)


Material Things

Own a Mercedes 450SL convertible (Not important.)

Buy and renovate a house.


Simple Pleasures

Plant a garden.

Read all the books on my Top 100 list.

Watch every Best Pic Oscar winner.

Learn to…

Swing a golf club.

Learn to knit.

Learn to quilt.

Learn to play chess.

Learn to effectively use a knife in the kitchen (dice veggies, debone a chicken, etc.)


People to Meet

Michael Jackson (Died 2009)

Prince (Died 2016)

Jill Scott

Jimmy Carter

The Obamas

Have a one-on-one convo with Oprah.


Artistic Fun

Try out for a Broadway show.

Finish and perform my play about lupus.

Be a backup singer for Janet Jackson.

Sing the national anthem at a football game.

Physical Challenges

Go rock climbing. (LMAO!  What was I thinking?!)

Master the art of yoga.

Run a marathon. (Not gonna happen.  Not putting myself through that torture.)



Go to a taping of The Cosby Show.  (too late)

Go to a taping of Oprah. (Feb. 2010)

Attend the White House Easter Egg Roll  (2010) …with my kids.

Attend a Super Bowl.

Attend a Summer Olympics.

Watch 4th of July fireworks from a boat on the Hudson River with a view of the Statue of Liberty.



Achieve commercial success with Covered in Love Quilts.

Become and American Sign Language interpreter.

Write a book.

Have my book published.

Have my book be commercially successful.

Become a judge. (Maybe?)

Run for office (and win) (Not sure I really want this.)

Get featured for an accomplishment in Jet Magazine’s “Tickertape” section. (Publication stopped in 2014.)



Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity  (2014)

Do relief work after a natural disaster.



Visit Greece (2015)

Visit Paris.

Visit Australia

Visit Cuba

Revisit Rome.

See the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Eat lobster on a beach in Maine.

See Mt. Rushmore.

See the Northern Lights.

Experience the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.

Travel Rt. 66.

See the Sphinx.

Visit the pyramids.

Go on a cruise.

Visit all 50 states.

Visit all 7 continents.


What’s on your bucket list?