Pixar Movies Ranked

I’m so excited that Toy Story 4, Pixar’s 21st movie, comes out today.  I can’t wait to go see it with my nephew.

In preparation for a recent trip to Disney, I sat down with him to watch the very first movie.  While some of the animation looks a little dated, the movie holds up very well.  Our visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios got me thinking about my favorite Pixar movies.  In honor of their 21st movie being released today, I thought I would rank the 20 that I have seen from best to worse

1. Up – Nothing can top the first couple of minutes of that movie, period.

2. Coco – the animation was fantastic, but it is the story that ranks this one so high on my list.  A tearjerker with intrigue and a surprise twist, that’s hard to beat..

3. Incredible 2 – I loved both movies in this franchise, but this one makes the top 5 because Mrs. Incredible takes center stage #girlpower

4. A Bug’s Life – This movie is often overlooked as one of the greats and deserves more kudos.

5. Finding Nemo – Who doesn’t love this move?

6. Cars – My nephew’s first Pixar movie, so it’s rather special to me.  Mater has to be one of the best Pixar characters.

7. Toy Story 3 – I loved the unexpected villain in this movie.  And when they were in the fiery furnace…..*sniff* *sniff*…That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

8. Cars 3 – More #girlpower and this is a very nice conclusion for the franchise.

9. The Incredibles – This movie felt like a James Bond movie.  The script was phenomenal and it’s no wonder that it’s a fan favorite.

10. Toy Story 2 – Kelsey Grammar completely made this movie for me and I loved the “Star Wars” reference.

11. WALL-E – the concept for this movie was so intriguing to me.  For a long time it was one of my absolute favorites.  I think I need to rewatch it and maybe it’ll move up on the list.

12. Toy Story – This falls to number 12 simply because I couldn’t put all three movies in the top ten.

13. Brave – The mother/daughter focus of this movie is something we don’t see very often in Disney movies, so thank you, Pixar, for highlighting this complicated relationship.

14. Monsters, Inc. – This movie has grown on me over the years.  Ask me in another five years and it might make it to the top 10.

15. Inside Out – I had a negative emotional response to this one, which is why it ranks so low.  I can’t really explain why I didn’t’ connect with this movie, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again.  When her imaginary friend died…..nope, can’t do it.

16. Finding Dory – This felt like a rehash of Finding Nemo, but it was nice to get Dory’s backstory.

17, Monsters University – Meh.

18. Cars 2 – This Story didn’t do much for me at all.

19. Ratatouille – I know a lot of people like this one, but I’m still grossed out by a rat cooking food.

20. The Good Dinosaur – Still haven’t watched this movie through until the end.

What is your favorite Pixar movie?

Toy Story 4 is in theaters now!

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